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General Elections

The general elections for the 2022-2023 CSA Executive Team will take place on March 27th and 28th 2023. 

Election Timeline


You can cast your vote through ElectionBuddy from March 27-28, 2023. You will receive a ballot in your UOttawa email. Polls will close at 6 PM on March 28th. 

If you have not received an email by Monday morning on March 27th, please send an email to and attach a screen capture of your Student Centre on uoZone that shows you are registered in the Communications program

Open Positions


  • Lead the Executive Council and act as the primary representative and spokesperson on behalf of the Association, representing its interests and promoting its values

  • Chair Executive Council meetings and attend various meetings including the Presidents Roundtable and intra-university committees as necessary, maintaining relations with other student groups on campus

  • Be a skilled communicator, fluent in both official languages, and have 6 months of previous experience as a member of the Executive Council.

VP Finance

  • Oversee all financial activities of the Association as the Treasurer, ensuring compliance with financial policies and procedures.

  • Develop and manage a budget for each term, providing financial recommendations and advising the Executive Council on budgetary decisions.

  • Attend the Money Roundtable as the primary financial signing authority, and ensure accurate and timely reporting of financial information.

VPs University Affairs (Anglo & Franco)

  • Represent students on the department's administrative and academic committees.

  • Sit on all applicable intra-university committees requiring association participation related to academic issues and inter-university committees.

  • Organise academic campaigns and events.

VPs Information (Anglo & Franco)

  • Responsible for all communication-related matters of the association and will ensure they are bilingual

  • Responsible for the association's website, mailing list and social media channels.

  • Responsible for the association's brand its image and its visibility on and off campus

VPs Social Affairs (Anglo & Franco)

  • Planning all CSA events throughout the year (including CommProm).

  • Collaborating with other RSGs to allow communication students to meet people from other faculties.

VP Philanthropy

  • Raise charitable funds for non-profit organisations.

  • Planning at least one event every semester.

  • Act as the CSA's representative for charitable and community engagement

VP Equity & Wellness

  • Work closely with the executive to ensure all projects remain equitable to the student body.

  • Planning one event of vour choice.

  • Developing a program or campaigns to educate students on current issues related to equity on campus.

  • Maintain a good relationship with UOSU equity services

VP Senior Affairs

  • Work with the Department of Communication to lead a mentorship program for junior and senior students.

  • Hold events (social or academic) to bring together senior students.

  • Be a liaison to senior students who seek help or general information about graduation and other senior affairs.

For any questions, contact or visit the CEO during their office hours on Wednesdays between 2:30pm and 4pm.

Nomination Form

​Copy this template and make your own for students to sign. Once you have reached 15 signatures, email them to

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