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The by-elections for the 2023-2024 CSA Executive Team will take place from September 13th to 29th 2023. 

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You can cast your vote through ElectionBuddy from September 27-28, 2023. You will receive a ballot in your UOttawa email. Polls will close at 6 PM on September 28th. 




Amanda Abi Ramia

Dear Executive Members of the Communication Student Association,

My name is Amanda Abi Ramia and I'm a 3rd-year student pursuing an Honors BA in Communications with a minor in Business. I am excited to announce my candidacy for the Vice President of Finance position at the CSA.

I am interested in being position because I'm passionate about finance and budgeting, and I believe my academic background and skills make me well-suited for the position. I'm committed to ensuring our association's financial health and growth, and I'm excited to contribute to its success.

Below, you'll find a concise breakdown of the responsibilities I would focus the most on. I believe that by concentrating on these key areas, we can secure a thriving financial future for
the CSA.

Budget Management

I will take responsibility for creating and managing the CSA’s budget, collaborating closely with other executive members to ensure it aligns with our association's goals and priorities.

Expense Tracking

I will monitor and track all expenses incurred by our association, ensuring that our spending remains within the limits set by our budget.

Financial Reporting

I will prepare regular and transparent financial reports to update the executive team about our association's financial status.

Sustainability and Ethics

I will advocate strongly for sustainable and ethical financial practices, ensuring that our spending aligns with our association's core values and objectives.


I will foster collaboration with other executive team members, committees, and student organizations to leverage resources and maximize financial efficiency during events.

Financial Feedback Loop

I will establish a mechanism for members to provide continuous financial input and suggestions, ensuring that every voice is heard and valued.



I am fully committed to the task of fundraising for annual CSA events like Comm Prom and Wine and Cheese Night, as well as supporting various charity organizations. I will use my skills in communication, leadership, organizational, and technical abilities to properly represent the CSA students in each event I organize.

In light of the challenges posed by the pandemic and declining donation rates, my main goal as
VP Philanthropy would be to establish new fundraising benchmarks for CSA events and meet new targets for community organizations in need.

I am passionate about providing support to community groups and securing donations through
CSA initiatives. I want to create fundraisers that CSA students can participate in and find engaging volunteer opportunities for students on campus. I want to help others on a bigger scale, and believe in philanthropic events for the betterment of society, especially for those facing hardship in these times. You can count on me to contribute time and effort to help make a difference.

I would be honoured to have the opportunity to represent the CSA student body and make a meaningful impact this year. My promise is to integrate and prioritize the perspectives of our fellow students when planning events and fundraising plans. Together, we can shape a brighter
future and extend a helping hand to those who need it most.

Liv Allison



Hello Commies! 

My name is Tatiana Strong. I'm currently starting my fourth year in the Honors Bachelors program in Communications at uOttawa. I’m so excited to announce that I will be campaigning for the VP Senior Affairs position on the CSA.


Since the beginning of my first year of studies I’ve always been interested in contributing and giving back to an organization that has guided me through my undergrad and has also been the platform in which I’ve met several of my close friends and peers at school.


If elected as VP Senior Affairs I hope to plan and keep event traditions for upper year students and I would also like to plan new events to encourage engagement and more participation from seniors students within the CSA.


Senior Affairs is responsible to ensure that I provide all the resources necessary in order to provide guidance for upper year students with any inquiries or questions they may have regarding graduation or potential employment opportunities after graduation, but also to ensure they have all the resources and stepping stones to achieve those goals.


I look forward to planning job talk sessions along with headshot events to better prepare my fellow peers for future job endeavors. I also want to include a few more recreational events in order to encourage more seniors to participate within CSA events. 

I’m so thrilled to have this opportunity to represent the best interests of my fellow upper year peers with the CSA community! 

Vote Tatiana Strong for VP Senior Affairs!

Tatiana Strong



Hi everyone ! I am running for the position of VP Information Franco for this new school year ! I want to get more involved in our university’s student life as well as have a positive impact on the university experience of the students. I would bring to the executive committee several assets that I have  accumulated over the years such as my perfectionism, my organization and my enthusiam ! These are all necessary qualities for a smooth and pleasant year like we are currently starting.


As VP Information Franco, I want to ensure clear and precise communication between the CSA and its students. My francophone background will allow all communications to be bilingual in order to reach as many people as possible. I am also looking to make a difference in the visibility of our association, both online with the help of various platforms and on campus directly. More posts, emails about our events, posters on campus...


Finally, I think social media is the best way to publish information about important and fun events throughout the school year in which the students can participate. I already have real-world experience with social media management so I will be able to incorporate my knowledge in the field into my position on the executive board. I look forward to working with the team! :)

Frédérique Duguay 

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