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General Elections

The general elections for the 2022-2023 CSA Executive Team will take place on March 27th and 28th 2023. 

Election Timeline

Elections Timeline Graphic.png


You can cast your vote through ElectionBuddy from March 27-28, 2023. You will receive a ballot in your UOttawa email. Polls will close at 6 PM on March 28th. 

If you have not received an email by Monday morning on March 27th, please send an email to and attach a screen capture of your Student Centre on uoZone that shows you are registered in the Communications program




Sophia Finelli



My name is Sophia Finelli (she/her), and I’m in my fourth year in Communication with a Minor in Psychology. I spent the last year as Vice President of Social Affairs (Anglophone) for the Communication Students’ Association (CSA), and I’m very excited to announce that I am running for the role of President for the 2023-2024 academic year!


My platform is based on three key pillars, inclusivity, collaboration, and integrity. 

To make the CSA more inclusive, I will make it a priority to engage with Francophone resources and clubs such as the bilingualism centre and JDLC to develop partnerships and organize joint events to ensure the CSA holds events catered towards Francophone students. 

Externally, I will collaborate with individuals and groups across campus to organize joint events and initiatives to provide the best student experience to the members of the CSA and uOttawa community. Internally, I will collaborate with the executive team team by offering my support, facilitating efficient communication, and helping to problem solve. This will ensure that as a team, we can produce events, information, opportunities, etc. that will benefit the vast majority of communication students. 


I will promote integrity by being someone my team and the members of the CSA can rely on, practicing and encouraging open communication with the student body, holding myself and the executive team accountable to their mandates, and making decisions that are in the best interest of the CSA as a collective. 


Finally, I am passionate about contributing to the CSA and student experience and I will strive to provide all members of the association with the same positive experiences I’ve had throughout my time as a student. 


Should you have any questions regarding my platform or campaign, please do not hesitate to reach out by email or Instagram DM @votezsophia. 


Thank you, and I look forward to connecting with you all soon!

VP Information (Anglo)

IMG_3114 Large.png

Alexa Bierstock

Hey Commies! My name is Alexa Bierstock (she/her), and I am a second-year student majoring

in communication and minoring in business management. I am excited to announce that I am

running for Vice President of Information Anglo for the Communication Students’ Association

for the 2023-2024 school year.

Since I joined the CSA as the Director of Sponsorship this past year, my uOttawa experience has

dramatically improved. The social and academic opportunities the CSA has provided me have

helped me grow my communications skills and find my place in an amazing and supportive

community. I believe that every student deserves to find their place on campus, and I want to use

my role as VP Info Anglo to create a more integrative and connected community of

communications students, faculty members, and alumni. I believe that my passion for making

content and my experience as the Director of Sponsorship make me an excellent fit to be your

next VP Info Anglo because I have an in-depth understanding of the CSA’s functions and the

ways in which we can improve our student reach.

My vital three C’s are Community, Content, and Connections. I plan to achieve these goals by

prioritizing email blasts, keeping the website up to date and accessible, helping students connect

with their professors and peers, and communicating the opportunities the Faculty of

Communication has to offer.

As your VP Information Anglo, I aim to enhance the sense of community the CSA offers by

ensuring that all students know what events are coming up and what opportunities are available

to enhance their student experience.

Check out my Instagram account @alexaforvpinfo to learn more about my platform or contact

me by emailing

Minh Hang_Photo.jpg

Minh Hang Nguyen

I am a third-year Communication student with experience in marketing and

communications, and I am confident that I am a competitive candidate for the VP Info

Anglo position in the Communication Students' Association.

If elected, I plan to implement several initiatives to enhance the association's visibility

and engagement on and off-campus. Firstly, I will revamp the association's website to

make it more user-friendly and accessible for all members. This revamp will ensure that

the website provides timely and relevant information about upcoming events, meetings,

and opportunities. I will also create a newsletter to keep members informed about the

latest news and developments within the association and the Communication program.

My current job at the Faculty of Arts’ Marketing and Communications office gives me an

advantage for this position. I have an in-depth understanding of the marketing and

communications strategies that work best for organizations. This knowledge will be

valuable in enhancing the association's brand image and visibility. Additionally, I am

familiar with the marketing tools and software that are useful in executing marketing

campaigns and managing social media platforms.

Furthermore, my experience at the Faculty of Arts marketing office has allowed me to

develop strong relationships with communication professors, different departments and

organizations on campus. Leveraging these relationships, I plan to collaborate with

these parties to create joint marketing campaigns that will increase the association's

visibility and attract new members. This experience gives me a unique perspective that

will be valuable in fulfilling the responsibilities of VP Info Anglo.

VP Social Affairs (Franco)

Screenshot 2023-03-19 at 20.09.40.png

Justine Lemay

My name is Justine Lemay and I’m presenting myself for the position of vice-president of social

affairs francophone. Dynamic, creative and energetic, I believe I will be an ideal candidate to

organise social events for CSA students this year. During my two first years at the University of

Ottawa, I was able to participate in multiple CSA events and meet many of my peers that are in

my program thanks to the hard work of the predecessors of this position.

Now, I hope to have a chance to offer this experience to the new students but also to all CSA

students during social activities that we organise during the entire year. For example, 101 Week

and CommProm are two events that I particularly hold dear because of the amazing memories.

If I was elected as vice-president of social affairs francophone, I would aspire to create fun,

inclusive and bilingual events.I believe that student life is an integral part of the university

experience and if given the opportunity, I would love to help create activities and events that

contribute to making the 2023-2024 year the best it can possible be!

VP Social Affairs (Anglo)


Rachel Adema

My name is Rachel Adema and I am running for the position of VP Social Anglo for the Communications Student Association (CSA). I would love the opportunity to create events that bring together students in different years and streams in the Communications program to have fun and make new friends in various social settings. I also excel at working in teams and collaborating with others to bring ideas to life. Additionally, I am a highly creative person that is always open to trying new things and thinking outside the box. In my first two years at UOttawa, I participated in a variety of CSA events, where some of my favourite memories occurred (ex. 101 Week, CommProm). As an incoming third-year student, I feel ready and excited to take on the challenge to create social and bonding opportunities for other students in the program.  I believe that the role of VP Social Anglo would be a rewarding opportunity to be able to plan major events and better the CSA student experience in whatever capacity I can! 

VP University Affairs (Anglo)


Ally Segreto

Hello everyone! My name is Ally Segreto, and I am one of your candidates for the position of VP University Affairs Anglo. As your VP Uni Affairs Anglo, I would ensure that communications between students and the faculty are smooth, efficient, and productive. I would also create a safe, welcoming space for any students facing academic issues. 


My prior experience on the CSA as VP of Freshman Affairs has allowed me to understand the requirements and responsibilities of being part of an executive team. From planning events to promoting activities, being VP Freshman Affairs gave me the opportunity to try out all the different facets of what it means to be an executive. These skills that I have gained will prove to be incredibly helpful if elected, since the VP Uni Affairs is responsible for a multitude of activities. 


As a student, I understand the anxieties that are associated with contacting, criticizing, or questioning a professor/admin. If I were your VP Uni Affairs, I would make it my mission to alleviate those anxieties by providing up to date information and clear instructions on how best to proceed in any scenario. I would also fairly represent all communications students in all department administrative and academic committees by reading any and all student suggestions.   


Thank you for reading my platform and getting to know a little bit more about me. If you would like to know more or contact me directly, please follow @allyforuniaffairs on instagram! I am available to answer messages during working hours Monday-Sunday. Thank you!

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