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General Elections

The general elections for the 2022-2023 CSA Executive Team will take place on March 28th and 29th 2022. 

Election Timeline



You can cast your vote through ElectionBuddy from March 28-29, 2022. You will receive a ballot in your UOttawa email. Polls will close at 6 PM on March 29th. 

If you have not received an email by Monday morning on March 28th, please send an email to and attach a screen capture of your Student Centre on uoZone that shows you are registered in the Communications program



Josiane N'tchoreret-Mbiamany

Dear members of the CSA, 

My name is Josiane N'tchoreret-Mbiamany. I'm a 3rd-year student studying to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Communication specializing in Strategic Communication and Digital Design, and I would love to be the CSA's next president for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

I have always valued listening and learning from my peers and thus my environment. Throughout my last two years on the CSA executive team (as VP Equity in 2020-2021 and VP Info Franco in 2021-2022), I've taken the time to connect and learn from members of our previous executive teams, members of the CSA, other recognized student governments (RSGs) and UOSU. As a result, if I'm elected president of the CSA, I will make it my goal to make sure the CSA is more connected than ever with one another, but what does that mean? 

Aside from the duties outlined in the constitution regarding the president's role, I would like to do the following. 

1. Work closely with clubs affiliated with Communication (i.e. JDLC, InterComm, et cetera.) 

2. Strengthen our bonds and work more with other RSGs (notably RSGs like Political Science, Telfer and Sociology where CSA students tend to have double majors, joint honours or minors in their program. This goal allows students to feel like they don't have to pick between both parties but feel a part of both groups.) 

3. Improve our relationships with the Faculty and Department to advocate for our students' needs. 

4. Get long-term sponsorships with organizations outside the University of Ottawa, allowing us to have more funding and opportunities, which will go back to the students throughout the year. 


With my experience, ideas, and goal, I hope to elevate the CSA to new heights! So, on voting day, vote yes for Josiane N'tchoreret-Mbiamany as your CSA President. (Learn more @vote.zjosiane)

VP Finance


My name is Celina Seguin and my pronouns are she/her. I would like to represent you as VP Finance on the AÉÉC-CSA for the 2022-2023 academic year. My goal is to maximize the quality

of the student experience and ensure that students feel supported by the CSA.

What does this look like?

1. Ensuring that the Student Association Ancillary Fee is used to create more scholarships

based on creativity, academic merit, equity and inclusion, and financial need.

2. Funding a range of events that cater to the diverse interests of our student body (social,

philanthropy, academic).

3. Creating events that are financially accessible to all students.

I have experience coordinating fundraising events at uOttawa and community organizations as

the current VP Philanthropy with the CSA, former VP of Health, Wellness, and Accountability,

and Director of Philanthropy of the Alpha Phi Fraternity. In these roles I’ve helped raise funds for

Relay for Life, KidSport and the Wabano Center, and the Ottawa Heart Institute. I believe the

organizational skills I have learned through these experiences would help me to manage the

CSA’s finances efficiently. In addition to philanthropy, I am also passionate about student

advocacy, having served two terms as Senator for the Faculty of Arts and undergraduate

member of the Executive Committee of the Senate.

Overall, I hope to create a stronger and more connected student experience and would be

humbled to be elected as your VP Finance.

If you have any questions about my campaign or platform, please feel free to send me an email


VP Information (Anglo)


Hello! My name is Grace Cavazzon, my pronouns are she/her/elle and I am running for VP of
info anglophone for the CSA for next year. I am currently a first-year student in Sociology and

I am a good candidate for this position because I am passionate about creating content across
various platforms. I believe that I am a good fit for this position because I am organized and love
working with a team! I have had experience in this field as last year I was the marketing
executive for a club in my high school. Some responsibilities included creating posts for various
platforms to promote initiatives in the school, communicating with teachers, and speak to
students in order to make the posts more engaging. This will allow me to apply my knowledge
when sending emails and capturing, creating and posting content.  

Should I get elected for this position I will use my experience to increase social media
engagement on posts throughout various platforms so that all members of the CSA can be
reached effectively. I will do this not only through the social media platforms that are already
being used, but I will also introduce new methods of spreading information for the
communications students for example through social media applications like Reddit and
LinkedIn. This will ensure that Communications students can be reached regardless of the
social media platform that they are using.

I believe that being in this executive position will help me to share my passion with other
Communications students and enhance the skills I have acquired.

VP Information (Franco)


Hi! My name is Isaac Larente-Séguin. I will be going into my 2nd year at the University of Ottawa in 2022-2023. I am running for the position of VP Info Franco at the CSA. My pronouns are He/Him. 


I believe that my experience with the CSA during the last year allowed me to understand the importance of the position. I also believe that my experience in the field of information makes me an ideal candidate for the position. I also strongly believe in promoting french, it is clear for me that any information posted by the CSA will be available in french. The CSA also plays a huge role in the student community and in the Ottawa community, that is why I plan on publishing posts about important events such as black history month, international women’s day, national Indigenous Peoples day, pride month, mental health and more. I wish with these publications to give student resources and promote initiatives that have a positive impact on the community. The role of VP Info also requires a proximity with students to assure that students do not hesitate to reach out if they have questions or concerns. The position also plays a huge role in promoting the CSA’s events. Having run events for the freshies during the last year, I believe that I have the required experience to make sure that members of the CSA are aware of the association’s events. 


I am excited at the idea to serve the students in communications at uOttawa! 


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at: 

VP Social Affairs (Franco)


Hi everyone! My name is Liliane (she/her/elle) and I’m running for re-election as VP Social

Affairs Franco this year. I will be in my fourth and final year in communications and I have

learned a lot since the beginning of my academic career. These past few years of distancing and

isolation have been difficult, especially for an extrovert like me. I am someone who likes to be

spontaneous and strives to create the best possible space to have fun and make new and

unexpected connections. As VP social, I would love to help come up with new and exciting

events, with spaces designed for all of us to slowly break out of our bubbles, unwind and bring

the life back to the party, in person! One of my main goals is still to reach out to comms students

that aren’t usually inclined to participate in events. Although we know that there are lots of

students who don’t feel comfortable enough, or can’t financially afford to join us. This year, I

would like to work hand in hand with the department, the faculty, and our VP equity in order to

help the large amount of students who aren’t usually able to participate. Whether you’re in your

first or your last year, it’s never too late to form friendships and get involved in student life! With

restrictions lifting, I would love to plan more frequent outings for comms students to be able to

spend time together and meet others in a fun setting. Starting with smaller events like weekly

study spaces, FnS breakfasts, bowling, etc. where you can attend with your friend groups and

meet new people, this will increase anticipation and participation for our big events, making

them more fun than ever!

See you all soon :)

Lily Salem

VP Social Affairs (Anglo)

Hey Commies! My name is Sophia Finelli (she/her), and I am a third year student majoring in communications and minoring in psychology. I am excited to announce that I am running for Vice President of Social Affairs Anglo for the Communication Students’ Association for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Since the moment I walked up to Perez and met my fellow commies during my 101 week, I knew the CSA was somewhere I belonged, and this is exactly how I want every current and incoming comms student to feel. With my experience as a 101 week guide and in a professional event planning setting, my desire for an inclusive and welcoming student environment, and my ability to be dependable and consistent in all aspects of my life I would make me an excellent fit as your next VP Social of the CSA.

Some ideas I have for events include recurring study sessions with visits from therapy pets during exam seasons, escape rooms, holiday themed bar crawls/pub nights, alumni and expert talks and networking events. Along with initiatives based on mental health and wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, and Indigenous engagement to support students within the CSA and University of Ottawa as a whole.

As your next VP Social I will strive to ensure all communications students can go through the university experience they have always hoped for.

Should you have any questions regarding my platform or campaign, please do not hesitate to contact me by email at

I look forward to seeing and speaking with you soon.

VP Philanthropy



Hello everyone! My name is Presley Barwick and I am a third year student studying

Communications here at the University of Ottawa. I would be honored to represent you on the

AÉÉC-CSA Executive Council as the Vice-President of Philanthropy. It is extremely important to

me to represent such an amazing student body for such a significant role. The CSA has given

me some of the most amazing memories, experiences, and highlights of my University

experience and it is important to me to help ensure the same for all students.

I have always been very passionate and interested in helping others and volunteering for

charity. Throughout my entire highschool and University experience thus far, I have completed

over 350+ hours of volunteer work. In my eyes, it is so worthwhile to volunteer as it offers

essential help to those in need, causes, organizations, and the wider community as a whole. I

have gained much of my volunteer experience in University from CASCO. CASCO is a

student-run charity organization through the business school of Telfer. The goal is to raise

money for the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). In my first year, I started out as an

Ambassador. It truly opened my eyes to how rewarding it is to help people and give back.

Seeing how our team’s hard work paid off in helping the children changed my life and

perspective forever. In 2020, we raised $53,524.18. It was truly incredible! The following year, I

was then accepted as Director of Events for the organization. After organizing many outstanding

events throughout the year, we then raised $43,454 in 2021. Being able to see the impact that

our team worked so hard to achieve is something words can not describe. All of the efforts go to

the children and the hospital. This year, I am now the Engagement Coordinator. For the third

year in a row, I am positive that our team and organization can raise just as much money for

CHEO and help even more children!

From being a part of such an amazing organization, I have gained much knowledge, skills, and

experience of philanthropic work and volunteering. It would be an honor to represent students of

the Association in such a role, as well as helping students stay engaged, raising awareness and

money for important organizations and causes. I plan to organize events through various

different causes that will appeal to all students. I am very open to any ideas or wants from all. I

believe it is important in working together to achieve an end goal as we are all a team. I will

devote my time and energy to ensuring the success of the Association and its efforts in

philanthropic work. I want to give students the opportunity to work and volunteer for causes that

are important to them. I will always strive to give students the utmost positive and rewarding

experience while creating an open environment for all. I am a hard working, compassionate, and

loyal individual, and I believe that I would be an excellent fit for the position of Vice-President of


If you have any questions about my platform/campaign, please feel free to email me at

I look forward to working with you!

Presley Barwick

VP Equity & Student Wellness

Monica Hu

 As Vice-President of Equity and Wellness, I strive to amplify all marginalised voices and apply my breadth of knowledge surrounding equity and wellness to my mandate at the CSA. My passion for social injustice issues and mental health inspired me to run for this position. 

During my mandate, I will prioritise advocacy and wellness to deliver equitable and accessible outcomes in all CSA relations and events. For Francophone students, I will work to edit CSA materials to begin with French, followed by English to aid the language minority on campus. I will work alongside our Franco VPs to host Francophone-centred events. For me, equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) are high priority items and I strive to educate our members on how we can work to create an RSG that pushes for EDI involvement at uOttawa. This may include sharing informative resources, creating guides, equity checklists, and other resources that make equity easily digestible for CSA students. To cover more facets of CSA life, I will collaborate with VP Philanthropy, Social, and University Affairs to incorporate further equity and wellness. As the equity watchdog for our students, I will ensure students with disabilities, sensory issues, and physical limitations are included in event planning and policy making. For me, wellness looks like a compassionate approach that works holistically to support CSA students. In my combined efforts to improve personal well-being, I will place an emphasis on both mental and physical health using resources and services provided by both uOttawa and UOSU. 

Email me at if you have any questions or concerns! 


Ally Segreto

Hello! My name is Alexandra (Ally) Segreto, and I’m a first year student in Communications. My pronouns are she/her/hers, and I am running for Vice President of Equity and Student Wellness of the Communications Student Association of 2022-2023.


I have always felt a strong sense of justice and am not afraid to take a stand for what is right. I appreciate opportunities to listen to different peoples perspectives, and take pride in problem-solving with a team. My passion for justice as well as my previous experience on the CSA exec as VP Freshman Affairs has given me the necessary tools to fulfill the role of VP Equity and Student Wellness. I have also volunteered for charitable associations such as the Oyster Harbour Seniors Center and the Interact-Rotary club of my hometown which have taught me the value of hard work.. Should I be elected, I promise to advocate for all students and work alongside the rest of the exec to make sure all students are being represented. I will prioritize mental health, as many students are suffering due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.


I have multiple ideas on projects and events that I could orchestrate, should I be elected. Some examples are mental health seminars for students, fundraisers for Black History Month, Pride Month, and Indigenous Peoples Month, suicide and self-harm de-escalation training for all of exec, and the creation of stronger relationships between other VPs of Equity so that students in every faculty and program can feel safe and advocated for.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding my campaign, please email me at


Thank you, and I hope to see you all soon!



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